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      Jeffrey Boyd

      Good day,

      I am trying to create a new rule that will operate as follows

      If Trigger A is C, D, or E
      AND field L, M, N, O, and/or P are blank
      Then field/trigger X cannot equal Z

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      I don’t think using rules will be the most effective way to achieve this. I would use some code that you will add to the Custom JS tab.

      One part that didn’t make sense was the second statement because you start with “And” then proceed to “and/or” which doesn’t seem possible. I wrote this assuming the second statement starts with “AND” then proceeds to “OR P are blank”.

      function dffs_PreSaveAction() {

      var Criteria1 = false;
      var a = getFieldValue(“FieldAInternalName”);
      if (a === “C” || a === “D” || a === “E”){Criteria1 = true}

      var Criteria2 = false;
      var l = getFieldValue(“FieldLInternalName”);
      var m = getFieldValue(“FieldMInternalName”);
      var n = getFieldValue(“FieldNInternalName”);
      var o = getFieldValue(“FieldOInternalName”);
      var p = getFieldValue(“FieldPInternalName”);
      if (l === “” || m === “” || n === “” || o === “” || p === “”){Criteria2 = true}

      var Criteria3 = false;
      var x = getFieldValue(“FieldXInternalName”);
      var z = getFieldValue(“FieldZInternalName”);
      if (x===z){Criteria3 = true}

      if(Criteria1===true && Criteria2===true && Criteria3===true)
      alert(“Warning: X cannot equal Z”);
      return false;
      return true;

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