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      Is it possible to make two separate lists work off of one another? I have two lists, the first one uses the user’s domain address to pull up all of the divisions and cost centers associated with that domain. The second list needs to look at the domain that was selected from the first list, and then propagate a field for software options related to each domain.

      The reason I’m trying to use two separate lists is because with these options the list will be pretty huge as I’d have to have so many redundant lines in there to account for everything.

      Here’s my debug info at the moment, it says number of items returned is 2 which is right, but the Software dropdown is still a single line of text for some reason. Also the CompanyEmailDomain is from the “Parent” list in this case:

      [SPJS Cascading dropdowns v3.523]
      Function called with these arguments:
      Populating this field
      CAML query
      <Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='Title' /><Value Type='Text'></Value></Eq></Where><OrderBy><FieldRef Name='Software' Ascending='TRUE'/></OrderBy>
      Looking for values in this field
      Number of items returned
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      Alexander Bautz

      Sorry, but this is not possible with SPJS-casc. You can however make it work if you use the spjs-lookup solution, but it will need some custom coding to make one filter the other.

      If you haven’t already found another solution, I might be able to help you with an example sometime later this week. Let me know if you need my help.


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      Eduardo Gutierrez

      Alexander, we are trying to do something like that in our case we have to create an account structure like this 404.45.404.7345.0000.00.052000
      for this accout we have to choose every segment using a lookup field for each on of them
      406 is the company code
      45 is the business unit code
      404 is the site code
      7345 is the cost center code
      0000 is the interco site code (used by default)
      00 is the interco businee unit code (used by default)
      05200 is the count code (used by default)
      and finally, we need to to restrict the cost center by authenticate user
      the company code is use to define the filter for the businee unit list and site list; and the combination of these must be the filter for the center cost list plus the autheticate user permission over the cost center, this means the user only can see the cost center available for each one of them.
      You may accomplish this with javascript or some other technology? wait for your comments.

      Best Regards!


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      Alexander Bautz

      First you must have the data source in the same site collection for this to work.

      The cascading dropdown solution cannot take additional filters (other than the default filter that is built in to find all subsequent options), but you can add more filters by using the “spjs-lookup” solution – chaining together the dropdowns “manually”. Take a look at this post to see if you might be able to use this approach:

      I’m not sure I fully understand the access restrictions to the cost center. Is the “Cost center” a list in the same site collection? Are you using item level security on these items?


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      Eduardo Gutierrez

      Hi Alexander,
      The cost center field should change depending on the user and type of combination of previous fields This functionality can be done with Javascript?



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      Alexander Bautz

      I’m not 100% sure I understand, but have you set up the first three levels as a cascading dropdown, and only lack the lats step to filter the cost center?

      If so, what filter criteria would be used to query for the cost center – is it the value from the third dropdown combined with the logged in user?

      How do you plan to user the current user as a filter – does the cost center have a people or group field where the user or a group the user is member of is selected?


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