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      William Summers

      Greetings. I have 2 multi line text fields with append text turned on. When I create an entry, then edit the form and add another entry that should append to both field, something buggy is happening.

      To reproduce

      Create 2 multiline text fields and turn append text on
      Create a new record and add a value in both fields
      Save record
      edit record and add another value to both fields
      edit record and values for first field will be hidden.

      in the screen capture below you can see on the left, the field “test” does not display the values but they are there. they just disappear almost immediately.

      on the right, you can see they have disappeared and replaced by the div for the second “test2” field


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      Alexander Bautz

      Thanks for reporting this issue. I have fixed it and will include it in the next release – most likely later this weekend.


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