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    Gulbinder Sandhu

    I have a cascading dropdown (multi) that selects user names into a field. The names from this field are then copied into a single line text field to control who can edit the document by custom js. When the names are saved into the single line text field it adds ‘;\n’ at he end of each name.

    Is there any Java function function that can be used to remove the ‘;\n’ when adding to the single line text field?

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    Alexander Bautz

    Not sure what function you use to move the value, but if you add something like this to the custom js it will be copied when the form is saved:

    function dffs_PreSaveAction(){
        var txt = getFieldValue("NameOfTheMultiline");
        var trimmed = txt.split(";\n").join(",");

    This will join the string with comma – change the join(“,”) part to use another separator.


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    Gulbinder Sandhu

    Thank you. That solved the problem

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