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      Joe Penland

      I am seeing an issue with the web part for showing forms on a site page. I love the functionality this web part is offering, but I have found a bit of an issue.

      When I open an item to view with that web part and click edit it seems the DispForm fields are just enabled so the fields can be edited. The actual EditForm is not loaded, so none of the rules or custom JavaScript from the EditForm work. They are never loaded because the actual EditForm is not loaded–the DispForm is simply converted to editable from read only.

      Steps to recreate:

      1. Add HTML section to DispForm with <h2>This is the display form.</h2>.

      2. Add HTML section to EditForm with <h2 style=”color: red;”>This is the edit form.</h2>.

      3. Open DispForm in Modern DFFS Formpage.

      4. Click “Edit.” The form does not switch as expected.

      I am attaching a screen recording of the issue. The first video shows the forms switching properly when loaded directly from the list. The second video shows how the forms do not switch when loaded in the web part on the site page.

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      Joe Penland

      In addition, I rearranged the form fields between the forms just to be sure it wasn’t something to do with just the HTML fields. The fields stay in the DispForm order–they don’t switch to the EditForm order.

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      Alexander Bautz

      Thanks for reporting this issue – I’ll investigate and fix it in the next release.


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