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      Hello Alex,

      We have a dropdown field called “Employee”, it a lookup field from a separate list (Employee List). When a new hire upload a document, it take them to a new dialog, they must select their name from the dropdown field in order to keep a record of the document in the employee profile. We like to know if there a way in dffs to auto-selected the employee name (without having to find their name from the dropdown list), and still be able to keep a record of the documents in their profile?

      We know how to set userprofile for people or group, but we don’t know how to set it from a lookup field.

      Thanks in advance!

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      Alexander Bautz

      It depends how the name is displayed in the lookup field – is it pulled from a free text field?

      If it is 100% certain it is the same format as the “Display name” in the user info list you can use something like this in the custom js:

      var ui = spjs.utility.userInfo(_spPageContextInfo.userId);

      Let me know how this works out.


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