Lookup Column no longer returns all items, rather: “Suggested items”

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      Jorah Lavin

      Alexander, I’m working with a colleague who has put a lookup column pointing at a list with many items. When we create a new item and click in the drop down field, the interface only returns about 25 “Suggested items.”

      Is there a way to have the list show everything? I’m pretty sure that it worked that way until recently (I’ve had lookups pointing at lists with hundreds of items).

      Thanks for any assistance.


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      Alexander Bautz

      The default length of the suggested items (the items shown without applying a filter) has been 25 since the beginning of the Modern DFFS (if I remember correctly), but I’ll add a setting in the field properties pane where you can set the suggested items length in the next version.


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        Jorah Lavin

        Thanks, I’m now bewildered that I haven’t seen the ‘Suggested Items’ feature previously. I’ll go back and look at my previous form (unless the difference is because most of these I’ve done have been cascading menus…?)

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