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      is it possible to use the vLookup function really to lookup a document in a other library instead of adding a new document and this is then linked to my item?

      We want to build a submittal management tool and this would include two sections. one sections where we upload all the documents and one section where we add our submittals and from there link to the documents.

      This would mean there will be multiple submittals linking to the same document.

      I hope described my problem properly.


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      Alexander Bautz

      I’m not sure I fully understand what you mean, but the vLookup connection is based on a query that you build in the vLookup configuration. This means you don’t need to use vLookup to add / upload the document as long as the query you have set up matches the items you upload using another method.

      Also please note that the vLookup connection is only based on this query so when exporting for example to excel, you will NOT be able to show this connection as it only “lives” in the browser at runtime.


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