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      Hello Everyone. Let me start by saying that after 2 weeks of switching to DFFS from InfoPath, I am in LOVE with this product and its offerings.

      One of the features I really like is the check in/out functionality. I set up my list form by following the steps in the below links exactly. The check in/out is functioning exactly how I expected, but I am running into a long load time when the edit form is opening. So once I click the “ok” button on the check out message, it loads for about 10-15 seconds and I get a message that says, “This took forever! Click to close this overlay”.


      I was wondering if anyone else has ran into this, and if there was something I can do to shorten the load time.


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      Alexander Bautz

      I’m happy to hear that you like DFFS!

      If you are using a relatively new version of DFFS you should find the “Check out” functionality in the Misc tab in DFFS backend – and don’t have to use the method in the article you linked to.

      Please check to see if you have the option in the Misc tab. If you don’t have it I recommend that you update and see if it helps on the load time.

      Best regars,

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