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    Jon Whisman

    I’m on SharePoint 2010 using DFFS backend v4.260. I’ve created a header with a long string of text in it that serves as a piece of text that the user needs to read and acknowledge a field before they can save. After creating the header, all form fields have shifted to the right. I’ve tried nesting this header text inside of a table with <td colspan=”2″> and have also tried using the .dffs_tdWrap {white-space: normal;} class and neither have helped. Have also tried a class with this in it:

    column-span: all;
    -webkit-column-span: all;
    -moz-column-span: all;
    -ms-column-span: all;
    -o-column-span: all;

    A screenshot is atatched.

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    Alexander Bautz

    To restrict the width of this text, you must wrap it in for example a <div> like this:

    <div style="width:400px;">Bacon ipsum dolor amet t-bone pig turducken bresaola. Drumstick meatloaf jowl salami leberkas venison. Kielbasa prosciutto ribeye rump boudin, jerky pig leberkas hamburger strip steak ham hock turducken bresaola. Pastrami prosciutto biltong filet mignon. Pancetta t-bone chuck shoulder, ribeye jerky rump short ribs turkey capicola venison. Brisket pastrami jerky sausage rump bacon biltong cupim strip steak beef ribs shankle chuck turkey ribeye swine.</div>

    Hope this helps,

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    Jon Whisman

    That did it! Thank you very much. Obviously, I was making it way too complex. Thanks for all the bacon and salami.

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    Alexander Bautz

    I’m glad it worked – you find more bacon here: https://baconipsum.com


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