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      Markus Joos

      Hi Alexander,

      i have a very simple DFFS configuration with one tab only (check Attachments).

      My goal is to only make Section1 toggleable while my whole Section 2 must be visible all the time.

      But right now i find no possibility to exclude my Section2 from Expand/Collapse-Function triggered by Section 1 Heading.

      Is there any Class or JavaScript for reaching my goal/separating Section2 from Expand/collapse functionality?

      Thanks for your time.

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      Alexander Bautz

      Sorry, but the only option is to set the section 2 heading to “Initially expanded” – if you set it to “off” it will collapse into the first section.

      Please note that to be able to toggle each section individually you must check the Expand or collapse each section individually (expanding one will not collapse other sections) in the Expand and collapse tab,


Viewing 1 reply thread
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