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      Maciek Grischke

      I noticed a strange behaviour when calculating in JS.

      One user submitted a form today with the following values:

      var one = 14.8;
      var two = 7.4;
      var three = 29.6;
      var four = 5;
      var total = one+two+three+four;

      The result is: 56.800000000000004 instead of 56.8.

      I know I can use match.round, but I’d like to understand what is actually happening.
      I saw similar behaviour in Microsoft Flow.

      This seems to be happening when .2 increments are used.

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      Alexander Bautz

      This is how JavaScript handles floating point numbers – you find some more info here, but it’s quite complicated (and it’s way over my head…) – the simple solution is to use .toFixed(2) to truncate the number to two decimals.


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