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      Phil Grant

      I’m using SharePoint 2010 and you’ve been great at helping me to get it working but, as you know, I have an issue with editing the charts in IE.

      When editing the chart only the basic settings and Filters section display, none of the other buttons display any settings, also if I change the chart type etc. the save button doesn’t do anything, I have to press cancel to leave the configuration.

      All works fine in Chrome.

      Also the Item Count Suffix always reverts to “items” even if I delete it and save, it always appears under the chart and is back in the option when I go to edit the chart.


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      Alexander Bautz

      I think maybe the broken layout in IE is caused by some funny character combinations in the license code. I sent you an new trial license code.

      I’ll fix the fallback to “items” for the itemcount suffix, but you can enter one whitespace character (hit space) to hide it as it only falls back to items when it is empty.


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