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      Jon Whisman

      Hi Alexander,

      Just downloaded v4.4.3.64 and have issues after upgrading all in the root DFFS folder.

      All forms: “Slow Network Detected”. Then the form errors out.

      I revert back to v4.4.3.64 (what the site in question is currently on) and I have no issues.

      I notice a huge version jump in the jQuery file being used (in DFFS > Plugins).

      v4.4.3.64 using jQuery v1.12.4

      Larest DFFS_v4.4.5.49_2023-10-25 using jQuery v3.6.3

      I’ve also just tried your latest DFFS on a couple other sites that have the “older” jQuery of 1.12.4 and all sites throw a “slow network detected” and then error out.

      With that, we’ve not been able to upgrade past your DFFS_v4.4.5.43_2022-03-27 file.


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      Alexander Bautz

      It might be the jQuery version – maybe you have some custom js that does not play well with the latest version of jQuery.

      Do you see any errors in the developer tools (F12 > Console)?

      You can try just replacing the current jQuery file in the /plugins folder with the one from an older version to see if that is the issue.


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