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      Hi Alexander,

      I’m encountering a strange issue using DFFS in SharePoint Online installed with the installer APP.

      The SPJS Library is in the SiteCollection /sites/xxx and I’ve installed the app in the subsite /sites/xxx/yyy and installed DFFS for a List.

      When I enter the Form of the list I don’t see a “Enhanced with DFFS” Text, but I do see the loader when opening the new form for example.

      In Network (F12) I see 2 lists.asmx errors pointing out that lists are not existing.

      In particular these lists are:

      – <listName>SPJS-DynamicFormsForSharePoint</listName>
      – <listName>SPJS-DynRequiredSettings</listName>

      Looks like some configuration lists have not been created or something like this.
      Do I have to perform additional steps here ?

      Attached you can also find a screenshot of one of the lists.asmx errors.

      Thank you very much in advance and BR,

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      Alexander Bautz

      This bug was fixed in v4.4.4.32 on May 10:

      PS: I don’t recommend using the installer APP – use the local installer v2 instead because the loader used with this version is more stable.

      Let me know if you have any questions.


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      Thank you, I fixed the problem with placing a content editor and referencing the installer v2.
      Works like a charm now.


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      Alexander Bautz

      Thanks for the feedback!


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