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      Greg Yamane

      I have DFFS but when I go to the Autocomplete tab in the DFFS backend, I get the message:

      “The SPJS-Autocomplete plugin is not loaded – get it here”

      Do I need to download the .js file and copy it to my DFFS-plugins folder? I would have thought the autocomplete plugin would be included with DFFS?

      Dynamic Forms for SharePoint DFFS Backend v4.365|CSS version: 4.11 / |spjs-utility version: 1.26

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      Alexander Bautz

      You most likely have it in your “/SPJS/DFFS/plugins” folder already, but it must be included (using a <script> tag) in the CEWP code for both frontend and backend in “/SPJS/DFFS/CEWP” – or if you use the JSLink option in SP 2013, included by checking the option in the JSLink setup page.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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