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      William Summers

      Good morning sir

      This is a post that may help others trying to install DFFS into a parent library of the spjs folder

      In our environment our documents are subjected to a 3 year content type. Basically, docs are deleted after 3 years. We can place documents in the Style Library that are exempt from this policy.

      That said, I needed to edit the files to get this to work in all my sub sites. Not sure if I did it correctly but it works…to a point. here is what I did

      1: open and edit DFFS_Loader in /style%20library/spjs/dffs/loader
      2: Change line 37 (spjs_path =) to site + Stlye%20 Library IE “http://server/sites/root site/Style%20Library”

      1: Open and edit the Installer_CEWP_code.html file /Style%20Library/spjs/dffs/installer/installer_cewp_code.html
      2: Change line 221 to “siteBase”: “Style%20Library/”,

      Then, if I create a page in a sub site in the pages library (also exempt from deletion) and connect a CEWP to the root installer_cewp_code.html it brings up everything fine. It also removes CEWP from the form just fine.

      The problem
      When I install it from the sub site page it works but I get an error in the CEWPs placed on the form. It is because the installer is linking the CEWPs with the incorrect URL.

      I need to know where in the code I can also adjust the link that is placed in the CEWP when installed on the form using the installer.

      If there is a better way please let me know. If not then this may help others seeking to do the same thing.

      Much appreciated!

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