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      Hi Alexander,

      I have been asked if we can provide a hyperlink back to the Display Form of the list item when using either SPJS-Lookup or Cascading dropdowns?

      Exactly like a default SharePoint Lookup column, The link would be shown in the Parent DispForm.aspx and the ListView.


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      Alexander Bautz

      This is currently not supported. The reason is mainly that both casc and lookup merge duplicate entries and therefor cannot give you a link to one specific item. I might be able to add support for writing the ID of the selected item to a separate field and use this to construct a link in DispForm, but currently your best option would be to use code in DispForm to build a query based on your selections and get the item directly from the lookup list based on that query.

      I can help you with a code snippet if you tell me some more details about your field names and the configuration for the lookup or casc.


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