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    Niclas Hultberg

    Hi Alex, I have to say that i rely like this.
    When i use DFFS on a subsite I can create tab and everything, but noting shows up when I create a new item.
    i look in to the SPJSDynamicFormsForSharePoint list
    and every item i starting with /Lists/something
    and it is the same for the subsite I was expecting /Subsite/Lists/something but it is the same as above. So a expect that Frontend don’t find the list. every list in the root is working fine. I have put every file in a library http://mysite/CodeLib and I refering i Overlay and frontend /CodLib/DFFS_fr…

    Can you please tell me what I doing wrong

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    Alexander Bautz

    Which version of DFFS_backed.js are you using? – There was a bug in v4.0.


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    Niclas Hultberg

    Hi, I was using 4.01. Sorry I missed the information about the bug. Now it’s working perfect.

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