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      Andra Mitchell

      I’m noticing formatting issues with my enhanced rich text fields. When adding information in those fields, everything displays correctly. However, after saving the form which triggers an automated email. When opening the email, the formatting in those fields are off. There are extra spacing as if you press enter multiple times. This doesn’t happen that often but when it does it’s really noticeable in the emails. When I go to edit the inquiry to remove the extra spacing, it causes the existing text to multiply in those fields. This only happens with the enhanced rich text fields. Thanks

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      Alexander Bautz

      The problem is that SharePoint has a lot of styles loaded in CSS files to control the layout of these field, and when you send the HTML in an email you don’t have (and cannot have) those files included.

      There isn’t much you can do about that unless you use code to modify the HTML code adding inline styles to for example the <p> tags, but this is more or less impossible if you want to ensure it renders exactly the same as inside your SP form.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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