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      Roelof Meijer

      I it possible to hide the footer that is shown in each tab. I mean the footer that consists of the content type, version, created and modified. See attached image.

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      I’ve only ever done this inside a rule…
      In DFFS rules config there is a section for “Hidden headings or Elements”.
      In there I’ve got .ms-toolbar
      That’s the class I found by using developer tools to inspect DOM elements
      (Note this is for a SP2010 site – possible other versions are different)

      You could also use this same class in custom CSS to apply globally, but for us we only wanted to hide this for end users, admins still have visibility.

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        Roelof Meijer

        Thanks Adam. It is a good idea to use a rule for this. I learned from you that it is possible to use a rule to hide elements based on a classname

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      Alexander Bautz

      I think maybe hiding the ms-toolbar hides a bit to much as this class is used multiple places in the form. You can try hiding this class:


      From my tests it looks like this is only used for the parts you want to hide.


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      Roelof Meijer

      Thanks Alexander. It works perfect this way.

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