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      Jorah Lavin

      We’ve been building DFFS-enabled forms on sites all over our SP Online sites, and now I’ve been asked to inventory which sites and forms have been set up this way. I was able to pull a list of our sites with the app catalog enabled, so I know which of my sites have DFFS on them, but I can’t find a way (other than opening each list and clicking the New button) to see if any of them have DFFS enabled.

      Is there a way to identify these lists?

      Thanks for any help!


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      E J

      Hi Jorah,

      From a brute-force approach, I think you could rely on getting the NewForm/EditForm/DispForm properties of all lists in the list of sites that you’re reporting on.

      Here’s an article with a CSOM and PS script that may work:

      There seems to be a difference between the Modern slide-out default form URL and a Classic DFFS form URL, but I’m not sure how reliable that may be.

      SPJS-DynamicFormsForSharePoint entries, in my experience, aren’t a guarantee that the form is still using DFFS.

      I’m not aware if Sharegate has a report column that might shed light on New/Edit/Disp forms but that’s another possible option.

      Would love to know what the best way to do this would be as well.

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      Jorah Lavin

      Thanks for that, EJ! I have ShareGate, and will reach out to coworkers with experience with PowerShell to see if they can assist.

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      Alexander Bautz

      The configuration for the forms that use the Modern DFFS is stored in a hidden list named DFFSConfigurationList in each site that you can find by typing in the list path like this: “/Lists/DFFSConfigurationList/AllItems.aspx”.

      You can use for example powershell to look for this list in all the sites and then loop over the items to list out the “Title” and the “Form” fields – it will show all the lists / forms that use the Modern DFFS in that site.

      The method EJ mentioned will not work for the Modern DFFS because the form url override is not used by the Modern DFFS.


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      Jorah Lavin

      Alexander, you truly are the Keymaster! That’s going to make my work a lot easier.

      Thank you from me and on behalf of the folks who will be working on this inventory.

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