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      Stefan Lörch

      Hi ,

      i want to filter items based on “created from”. I do it with editing the view an add a filter “only show itens when created from is [me], but when i do this, nothing appears on the list.
      I did this on MS Sharepoint 2007 and it worked.
      I am working on an sharepoint online.

      thx und greetings


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      Alexander Bautz

      Do you mean “Created by” = [me]?

      This should work as before, but maybe another filter is also applied? If you are sure some items in the list is actually created by the logged in user, and this is the only filter, this sounds strange.

      Could you test the same filter in another list view?

      PS: If you have migrated the data from SP2007 you may have lost the original “Created by”.


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