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    Paul Lynch

    Hi Alex, sorry two questions today!

    For some time I have been wrestling with the CSS of my form. If you check image below. You will see it is set to auto width. I have a form with long questions but short yes or no answers (in red square), then a section for comments (which needs to be much wider in blue square).

    Is there a way I can increase the width of the comment fields (multi line of text fields) whilst maintaining the width of the other fields? By assigning some individual CSS to that field. I did look at your CSS page. And used firebug to look for an individual field class but no joy.

    e.g. I tried using this single line of text field in field css back end tab `input{

    Alternatively if not perhaps we could “Wrap” the .ms-formlabel questions so that when I limit or fix the width (which I can do using

    .ms-formlabel {width:500px !important;max-width:500px !important;font-size: 0.9em !
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    Alexander Bautz

    Long formlabels will push the width of the first table column like this. You should probably wrap the formlabel with the CSS snippet you already have, but you can also use the “side-by-side” settings to span the description field over both column by setting a sbs-index in the tab and going to the “Side-by-side settings” tab and selecting “Stretch side-by-side fields over both form columns (hiding the field label)”.


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    Paul Lynch

    Thanks Alex, the SBS setting to span both columns was spot on!

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