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      Danielle Arcuri

      Hi, 2 questions.

      1. I have two multi line text fields in my form – I placed this code in my FieldCSS tab.


      It works on one of the fields but not the second field. I have nothing in my custom JS or CSS that would conflict. Why isn’t it working on both?

      2. In NewForm and EditForm my fields are lined up pretty well. How can I happen in DispForm? See picture attached. The fields are all over the place.


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      Alexander Bautz

      Using the .ms-long selector works only on plain text fields – are both fields multiline plain text?

      Also, in DispForm you cannot user this selector as there is no textarea with this class. You must user something like this:

      #dffs_YOUR_FIELD_NAME .ms-formbody{
        width: 400px;

      Replace YOUR_FIELD_NAME with the internal name of your field.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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