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      Rabih Naouss


      I have a list with DFFS v4.4.1 (DFFS Backend v4.4.1|CSS version: 4.16 / |spjs-utility version: 1.267), I couldnt find the Export/Import tab.
      I tried to replace the DFFS Folder from SPJS library with a folder of the new version, but it’s not updated also.
      Please advise

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      Alexander Bautz

      v4.4.1 is from 2016 so you won’t have the latest version features.

      You might be able to upgrade to the lates version, but I cannot guarantee that this will work when you upgrade from a 8 year old version.

      To do a proper upgrade, you must delete the DFFS folder in your SPJS document library and upload the new version of DFFS.

      This will not affect your configurations as these are stored in a separate list.

      When you have uploaded the new DFFS version and configured the DFFS installer you must uninstall and reinstall DFFS in the forms for your list.

      If this works you are good to go, if not you must downgrade the DFFS version and try to do a step by step upgrade a few versions at the time (you must open the config and save it in each version to ensure you apply the features from this version) – not sure how this will work out as you have such an old version…

      Let me know if you have any questions.

      Best regards,

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