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      Jon Whisman

      Hello again!

      Is there a pre-built function I can leverage that I can use to run a custom JS function only AFTER the DFFS overlay has gone away?

      I have a function that is doing the below, but I’m having to put a setTimeout on it to wait some time because the form is not fully rendered yet.

      Purpose of code: In the edit form: auto click the “Add New Folder” for the users. This form heavily relies on DFFS vLookup documents functionality.

      window.console && console.log(“Now attempting to Auto create folder and expand folder”);
      spjs.vLookup.addNewFolder(“vLookupAttachments”, jQuery_documentationList, “/sites/siteName/SubSiteNamen”);

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      Alexander Bautz

      You can use the vLookupIsLoadedCallback function described in the user manual: https://spjsblog.com/vlookup-for-sharepoint/vlookup-user-manual/#vLookupIsLoadedCallback

      function vLookupIsLoadedCallback(fin){
      if(fin === "Your_FieldInternalName_here"){
      // Your code here


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