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      Richard Williams

      Hey Alex,

      Great solution I love it, trying to get my current company to invest in this.

      I am looking at your trial and I noticed an error (see attached) that I cant figure out. I am using DFFS on two lists, A and B. A is the list that uses vLookup to List B. I have a value passed to a field in B and use your solution to hide that field on the new form. This is working correctly and the form and your tool appears to be functioning correctly however I only receive this error message when I click new item from the vlookup of List A. If I go to List B and click new item the form works fine with now error.

      Please let me know if you have any insight.

      Thank you


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      Alexander Bautz

      From the error it seems you have an error in the “Prefill values in child” in the vLookup configuration. Ensure you have used the correct FieldInternalName in the “From” field.


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      Richard Williams

      Thank you that was the issue, I had a capitalization in the internal name that shouldn’t have been there.

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