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      Matthew Whittle

      ► DFFS backend 4.360 | CSS version 4.1 | utility version 1.257
      I have an edit form, that I been finalizing for a project. Started the form about 5 months ago and have been tinkering with it throughout. Twice in the last week, it suddenly thinks it is a dispform and so the interface disallows the typical editform settings. Example: I need to turn off the ‘set field’ under a rule. So I go to the editform, click the DFFS setup button. It identifies onscreen as the editform configuration. Yet features such as set field, editable fields, spjs-lookup are “disabled” because it seems to think it’s a dispform configuration I’m editing. I’ve recreated the configuration once already and it happened again 🙁
      Attached is the screenshot of the description above. Other edit forms| same-site / different-lists work as expected.

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      Matthew Whittle

      I figured it out, it was only the formType parameter in the URL.

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      Alexander Bautz

      I’m glad you figured it out.


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