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      Enrico Spinola

      We have a DFFS form where on edit form a specific tab called “Secondary Review” is shown to team members in “Secondary Review Team Members” permission group.

      The impacted users can click Edit Item or the icon and access item and type in but cannot click Save button.
      Select users in the same “Secondary Review Team Members” permission group are able to click Save with no issues. They’re set to Contribute Access.

      Do you have any idea what could be the issue?

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      Keith Hudson

      Here are some things to check: 1. You mention that select users who are in the “Secondary Review Team Members” permission group are able to click the Save button with no issues. Does that permission group have Contribute access on the list? Or are the ‘select users’ given Contribute some other way? If the group itself is not given Contribute on the list, try giving the group itself Contribute permissions.
      2. Although you say that the impacted users ‘cannot click the Save button’, you don’t say whether the button is missing from the form for them, or whether they get some kind of error message (or no response at all) when they try to click the button. Check the advanced settings on the list to be sure that the list is NOT set to only allow users to edit items they have created. OR, if that setting IS set, and is needed, give the “Secondary Review Team Members” permission group Design permissions on the list.

      These two things may not work, but they are worth checking.

      Alex may have additional suggestions.

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      Enrico Spinola

      Thanks for your response. In response to that…

      1. They do have contribute access in this group and are all given access the same way.
      2. They do see the Save button, when clicking, nothing happens. Advanced settings are not set to allow users to only edit items they’ve submitted.

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        Alexander Bautz

        Have one of the affected users hit F12 to bring up the developer tools and select the Console tab to look for any error messages there when hitting the save button.

        If you don’t see any errors there it might be a hidden field that has a validation error – either a people picker that is auto-filled, but not properly validated or maybe a date field with an invalid date value.

        As part of the troubleshooting you can add a new tab to the form where you don’t add any fields – this tab will now show ALL fields available in the list, and you can look at this tab to see if it is a validation error on one of the fields that prevent saving.

        If this doesn’t help you might have an error in your custom js – keep in mind that returning false in a function named “dffs_PreSaveAction” will prevent saving the form (no notification, just nothing happening).

        Let me know how this works out.


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      Enrico Spinola

      Thank you all. This has been resolved. The one field was a read only field for a Person/Group and was not finding the user. I adjusted the prefill value to use their email address and this cleared it up.

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