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      1) I have a document library setup to also be able to display links. When adding a new document they can choose which content type they are adding (document or link to a document).

      I need them to be able to fill out additional columns (aside from the name and the url) if they choose that the content type is a link to a document. If I choose the trigger of Content Type, I only get ‘no operator’ for the next box and can’t choose if it is equal to.

      I tried adding another column and they can just choose “link only” or “document” but when I setup the rule it doesn’t add the extra columns when I set them to visible.

      Am I doing something wrong? Is there a different way to achieve this?

      2) I am also having a problem with the cascading dropdowns not functioning properly. I have three columns in my cascade. The first two are always complete lists instead of the second one being based off the first one.

      Thank you again!

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      Alexander Bautz

      Q1: DFFS cannot show fields that are not part of the content type. If you want to be able to show additional columns, you must go into the list settings and add those columns to the “link to document” content type.

      Q2: Are you sure you have added the Cascading dropdown solution correctly? – the fields in the list is supposed to be of type “plain text”.

      Please add some screenshots so it is easier for me to see what you have configured.


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