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      Saikia Kashmiri

      Hey Alex – THANK YOU for your help with the problem yesterday! My colleague helped to get it working!

      Have a some more questions –

      1. Is there a way to show the name of the person currently editing a list item on the top of the form if someone else opens it at the same time? Something like
      “John Smith is editing the form right now. Please coordinate your changes with them”.

      2. I need to make some tabs non editable to a certain group after the status has moved to say “Sizing In Progress” (AND make it editable upon request). What would be an elegant way of doing that?

      3. Can I expand the width of the vlookup box and put a border around it? Right now a comments column is wrapping up very narrow.

      Appreciate your help as always.

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      Alexander Bautz

      1: To do that you must use the Check out list items functionality in the Misc tab of your EditForm.

      2: You can create a rule to set the fields as readonly. If you need to have multiple conditions you can create for example a rule triggering on SharePoint group membership: Logged in users is member of group” to detect that the user is in the target group, and then use this rule in the “Linked rules and functions” section on the second rule that triggers on “Selected tab index / Tab unique ID”.

      You can add multiple rules to the “Linked rules and function” to include for example the “Sizing in progress” status.

      I’m not sure I understand what you mean by making it editable upon request. How would they request it?

      Giving edit access could for example be done by adding them to a multichoice people picker and use a rule to make the fields editable if the user is selected in the people picker.

      3: Yes, you can set the width of each columns in the vLookup configuration. Specify the width in px and it should push the width of your table.

      You can style the vLookup table using normal CSS. Add something like this to your Custom CSS tab:

          border:1px #cccccc solid;


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      Saikia Kashmiri

      Thank you! All of these worked out :). I am posting a fresh question next in a new thread to keep it clean for others.

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