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    I’m trying to display the item ID # on a tab. As you may know, ID is not available as a column…as it is part of the standard SP list fields. You can show/hide it with Views, but won’t see it listed as a column.

    I could create a column and populate it via custom workflow…but thinking there is probably a better way to go. I see I can use HTML in a heading…but how would I reference the field?

    What is the best way to do this?

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    Alexander Bautz

    Sorry for the delay – I didn’t get a notification form the forum.

    You should find the ID column in your field list to include in the tabs, but only when configuring DispForm or EditForm.

    Are you sure you don’t see it.


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      I see it. I must have been in NewForm previously…thanks a lot for getting back to me.

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