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      I have a scenario where I have 3 lists, connected thought lookup and displayed as vlookup. Looks about this:
      – List1 has a vLookup of data from list2
      – list2 connects to list1 through a lookup, and also a vLookup to display data from list3
      – list3 connects to list2 through a lookup

      So there is no direct connection between list1 and list3.

      Now I need to create a view, where I have to show data from all 3 lists, depending on this connection. Meaning when I select/open an item in list1, I can show the connected items from list2 (with the vLookup)
      BUT I don’t know how to display the items from list3, that are connected to the already displayed items from list2.

      Adding the vlookup column of list2 as column to the vlookup in list1 doesn’t show anything (well didn’t think it would).
      I can – of cause – an another column to list3 and somehow transfer the lookupinfo from list2 to list3. Which still doesn’t filter/group me the items of list3 to those of list2…

      Is there a way to gt this implemented with DFFS / Javascript?

      Thanks for any tips


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      Keith Hudson

      I’m not sure I understand your scenario correctly, but let me try to help.

      I interpret your question as follows. (If I’m wrong, this may not help)
      Assume: List A –> List B (has a field to store the ListA_ID vlookup) All items on List B get created from a List A item through the vLookup functionality on the List A New or Edit form.
      List B — List C (has a field to store ListB_ID)
      All items on List C get created from a List B item through the vLookup functionality on the List B New or Edit form.

      Need: create a view that shows all list A items, with their related List B items, and their related List C items.


      1. Revise List B and the vlookup on list A so that all the fields from List A needed on the view get copied to the related item on List B when a new item is created on List B.

      2. Revise List C by adding a ListA_ID field (and any other fields needed) and revise the vlookup on list B so that all the fields from List A and B needed on the view get copied to the related item on List C when that item is created.

      You can now create a view on List C that shows all the related fields from Lists B and A.

      (If the List B items do NOT get created from List A items, you may need to manually copy the List A fields into their related List B items. Ditto for List C)

      I hope this is helpful to someone.

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        Thank you, this is helpful to me! I have been struggling with how to do something similar with two lists. I’m going to try it today. So far my vlookup skills are not so great so we’ll see.

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        Yes you got it right, only it’s not a vLookupId field but a normal lookupfield between the lists.

        I think I understand your way and I will try this to recreat this.
        Will reply here later on, thanks for the help 🙂

        Best regards,

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      Alexander Bautz

      Thanks for helping out here Keith – I’ve been a bit overworked lately.

      I hope you get it set up correctly Pamela.


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