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      Tricia S.

      Hi Alexander,

      I’m going to be be copy and pasting items from excel to the SharePoint list, but I’m using Quick edit. I’m doing it this way becuase I want to create a lot of items at once. It does bypass the logic for the forms but its okay since I’m doing I can make it match all the logic and rules. (I would never let my users do this) the only thing I can’t figure out it how to fill in the _vLookupID or the _DFFSID using this method I’d like to just have an excel formuala that adds 1 to the count and just copy and paste it in there with the rest of the data.

      I guess I’m asking how does DFFS pick those IDs? Is there an excel formula I could use to create them?


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      Alexander Bautz

      The value in the field is by default the timestamp in milliseconds for when it was created in the _DFFSID field, and the user id and the timestamp in the _vLookupID field, but you can just make up a number for the first one – like 123456789 and then add 1 for each new item – the only think you must keep in mind is that the values must be unique in this list.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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