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      David M


      When SP is configured in Advanced settings of a list to “Launch forms in a dialog (pic attached)” and the user clicks the edit icon, a dialog opens with the DFFS form. Great.

      when i use automation to send a hyperlink to a user for that same record, it opens the DFFS form in a new window (pic attached). so yes it works, but not as elegant.

      URL i’m using in email: xxxxx/sites/xxxx/portal/Lists/disc/EditForm.aspx?ID=61

      i’m trying to figure out how to change the URL so it opens is a dialog, not in a full window or a new window. The way it opens as a dialog is my goal.

      i’m realizing this may not be an DFFS issue, but a SP one.

      any ideas would be appreciated.


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      Alexander Bautz

      You cannot make a link that opens in a dialog. To do that you would have to make a landing page that you linked to with the target URL in an URL query string parameter. On this landing page you had to have code to read the URL query string to get the target URL and open it in a dialog.

      I do however think this would be a bit complicated just to have the link open in a dialog.

      What you could do instead is to add a Source parameter to the URL to ensure the user is redirected to your preferred page after they save or cancel the form.



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      David M

      thank you Alexander. Yes, we use the &Source. good stuff.

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