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      Hi Alexander,

      Is there an easy way to update the files from the previous version? ie: the version released before?
      I am trying to update my files from the previous version but to do so I have to go through each CEWP file and each JS file and compare the two side by side for differences.

      I understand the Change-log but it doesn’t say which files to replace from the previous DFFS version.
      Awaiting your logical advice thank you.


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      Alexander Bautz

      I have not been consequent with writing which files have changed in the changelog, but in general, new versions of DFFS involve the JS and CSS files for DFFS – and any plugin that is mentioned in the changelog.

      If you have a relatively new DFFS install, you shouldn’t have to change the CEWP codes – only replace the files in the “SPJS/DFFS” folder.

      Hope this helps,

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