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      Ivan Wilson

      I have a list that is customized with DFFS. This works fine for me, logged in as a site collection admin.

      For another user, the form loads without any DFFS features, other than the “Enhanced by DFFS” menu at the bottom. There are no errors in the dev console or network trace. We’ve tested with both Edge and Chrome.

      DFFS is working for the same user on a list in a separate subsite in the same site collection.

      Any ideas what would cause this?

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      Alexander Bautz

      My first thought is that they don’t have read access to the configuration list – could that be the issue?

      If so, I assume you should see an error in the developer console (F12 > Console) when a person without access tries to load it.


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      Ivan Wilson

      That does look like it is the issue, thanks Alexander

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