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      I love the new button in this installer to “list all configurations in the selected site base URL above”, but I am seeing it not return the correct information for the lists/forms. I recently had to slowly upgrade all the forms on a site and used the “Install custom version by specifying the folder name here (optional):” to apply different versions. I have since removed all other versions, and checked this in the configuration of each to make sure, but when I click the “list all” button, it is not showing the correct information.

      This is not of vital importance, just wanted to let you know. Maybe I did something wrong, it is possible.

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      Alexander Bautz

      The folder location show in the “Loaded from folder” was read from the configuration blob and reflected the location used when last saving the form config.

      I agree that this isn’t the best because you don’t necessarily save the config in the form when you install a new version.

      I have attached an updated version of the installer which reads the path from the page itself by loading each page using code looking for the variable.

      Please unzip the file and replace it in the folder /SPJS/DFFS/installer and let me know how it works out.

      Best regards,

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