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      Hello Alex,

      I might have deleted the display view in DFFs form. The Create and Edit still working but the display seems to be out ordered without DFFs. Is there a way to restore/recreate or is there a way to force DFFs to recognize the DFFS loader by SPJSBlog.com column without deleting it and then re-adding. I’m afraid I might screwing up the rules for the New and Edit pages, that are currently working.

      Both the create and edit page have the bottom that allow you to access dffs but the display page we don’t have that option to click on it.

      Any help is much appreciated!


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      I can get to DFFs from create and edit form page, but not on the display page.

      Please see attachment below.

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      Alexander Bautz

      If you use the “JSLink” installation you can reinstall it in this DispForm without any risk of messing up the config. The config is stored in a custom list and isn’t actually “installed” in each form.

      I would however recommend that you upgrade to a later version with the new “loader” and “installer”.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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