DFFS Backend problem – IE11 and SP2010 after DFFS_2018-07-31

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    Small problem here after updating from DFFS package 2018-07-31. In DFFS backend the tabs don’t work – I just see fields for email config, no matter which tab is selected.
    This seems to be caused by all DFFS packages after the 2018-07-31 release.
    See screenshot for details and error in the console. This is in Internet Explorer 11, but in SharePoint 2010 which sets the document mode to IE8 standards.
    When I manually change the document mode to Edge, the backend functionality returns to normal…for now I’m going to revert back to the 2018-07-31 package



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    Alexander Bautz

    I have confirmed this issue and found the cause. It turns out I had some missing closing span-tags in my script generated HTML. New browsers automatically fixes this, but IE does not.

    I’ll get this fixed and publish a new version hopefully before the weekend.

    PS: If you are able to use Chrome, Edge or another modern browser it won’t be a problem.


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    Thanks Alexander, great support as always

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