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      Hi Alexander,

      As a developer I develop on my own platform and would like to deploy DFFS including my “package” of lists and libraries on the clients environment after getting a licence for the client.

      Is there a way to do this?


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      Alexander Bautz

      The configuration for Modern DFFS is stored in a list in each site. The list is hidden, but you can access it on this URL:


      If you include this list (with contents) in your package, DFFS will load the config as soon as the Modern DFFS App is installed in the App Catalog.


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      Marcus Khoo

      Hi Chrisoph,
      I have created my own view (not changed the default one) in this list that has “Title”, “Form” (first instance of the column) and Last Modified date.
      This is great if you want to see the last time you updated the form and what form type is being used.
      If you are developing your own forms, this is a great way of easily identifiing the form configurations to copy if you do updates
      You could also add a “Version” column to keep track of form changes

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      Marcus Khoo

      (OOps, I meant “Ver”, DFFS already has a “Version” which it uses to track itself)

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