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    Shawn Keene

    On initial load of the NewForm.aspx, can I pre-fill a single-entry People field with the current user’s name? They can change it if they want, but 99.9% of the time they’ll want it to be their own name and defaulting to this would save some data entry time on the form

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    I think I would just do a newform rule triggered on form load to populate the field with {currentUser}. All done in the rule config.

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    Keith Hudson

    I do it by setting the field to {currentUser:Email}. Using JUST {currentUser} inserts first and last name as separate entries which does not resolve correctly. The results may be different in different SharePoint farms.

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    Shawn Keene

    Thanks for the suggestions. I configured the rule but {currentUser:Email} autopouplates the list with an error that the Email field wasn’t found. Just {currentUser} seemed to work for most users, but I’m wondering what other fields are available beyond email?

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