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      Andrew Fletcher

      Hi Alexander —

      I have a list that includes 3 cascading drop downs at the top of each of the forms (edit, display, new). Occasionally, the value in the topmost drop down triggers the entire form to hide itself. My bet is this has to do with some misconfigured rules. However, when I go in and enable debugging for all rules and access the item again the debugging area is completely blank. Is there an instance where no rules would be run on a form or is that value in the topmost drop down possibly hiding the debug output? Thank you for any assistance or ideas.

      Version info:
      DFFS front end:
      Cascading dropdowns: 3.7.30
      SPJS Utility: 1.337

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      Andrew Fletcher

      Update…I just had this happen again but this time I noticed that there was a copy of all the tabs I use in the form down in a long text field in the record. When I deleted the tab names the issue went away.

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      Alexander Bautz

      I’m glad you sorted it out – I have seen this before when someone copies a list item by highlighting it in the browser and then pasts this in a rich text field in another form.

      I don’t have any good solution to prevent this (other than not using rich text fields…), but if it is a recurring problem it could be solved by adding some custom js in the form to detect certain elements if they pasted it in a specific field.


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