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      Michael Sabby

      When the users enter a date in a date field in the DFFS edit form what is saved to the SP list is different. This occurred with both version and with I have 4 examples where the dates were saved as 6/30/2023 between 8:52 and 9:34 AM UTC/Pacific time zone and all 4 records wrote to SP with a date of 6/29/23 and a time of exactly 10:00 PM. I tried changing my time zone on the SP site setting to Central at the suggestion of a peer and the behavior is still occurring. Any suggestions on how to solve the issue?

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      Alexander Bautz

      I have tested changing the time zone in the SharePoint site to another time zone than I have on my computer and this gives me the same problem as you describe. Please note that changing the timezone has a delay before it takes effect so that might be the reason you didn’t see any change.

      The reason for this issue is that SharePoint automatically “corrects” the time to use the UTC format when saving it in the database – and then formats the date to the correct time zone when showing the date in a list view or a form.

      I’ll look into it and hopefully be able to fix this in the upcoming release (hopefylly during this weekend).


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