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      Bryan Waldrop

      I know that setting the _vLookupID /DFFSID is set by submitting a new item or editing and exiting item through a DFFS form.

      I have a unique situation where my partners want to submit a large number of historical items via datasheet view in the parent list.

      Rather than having to edit and save each item to create those IDs, is there a script that can be placed on the datasheet view page that will execute a DFFS function and create _vLookupID /DFFSID ?

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      Alexander Bautz

      You cannot use a script in the datasheet view, but you can generate any random number that is unique in the list and add it to your existing data (in Excel) and then paste it in from there.

      The DFFSID field is just the timestamp in milliseconds, but any unique number will do.


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