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    Carl E Tippins

    I am trying to use html to underline a word in the following setFieldValue statement:
    setFieldValue(varCommentField,”This has <u>not</u> been designated as a High Impact Regulatory Change or a Complex Regulatory Change as determined by Compliance.”);

    The result is exactly what is seen in the statement. The <u> and </u> are being written to the field. How do I change it so the word ‘not’ is underlined?

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    Alexander Bautz

    I don’t have any problems inserting HTML in a rich text field like this – are you sure the field accepts rich text input and not only plain text?


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    Carl E Tippins

    The field was changed from a plain text to a rich text. The records that were showing html code were entered before the field was changed (this is a site that was recently given to me). Records added later are working. I just had to reenter the ‘bad’ records to get the html to work.

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