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      I’m trying to use a custom SP 2013 workflow on a List with DFFS overlay. The Workflow sends an email to the “Created by” as well as another SP group based on item status. The workflow also updates a field within the Item.

      Whenever I create a new item in the List, the workflow starts, and finishes without error. If another user does the same, the workflow will go into Suspended state with the error attached. See workflow attached.

      I’ve tried changing Permission levels (even giving all users Full Control)…but can’t seem to narrow down why the workflow would crash for other users, and run ok for me as SCA. Also, when I add a user to the same group that gets emailed, and then have the same user create a new item, it runs fine.

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      Alexander Bautz

      This does not have to do with DFFS, but could it be that the users don’t have rights to see the users in the group? – look at the group settings for the specific group in the “Who can view the membership of the group”.

      If this does not help, you can use an “Impersonation step” in the WF to have the WF run with admin (your) rights.


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        Yes I realize its not truly DFFS related, but was hoping you could provide some insight anyway. Your reply solved the issue. I had to change the group setting to allow Everyone to view group membership.

        I would never have figured this out.


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