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      Bryan Waldrop

      I am familiar with setting up the ADD NEW button in vlookup through the configuration but would like to move the location of it to a different place on the my edit form. Specifically I want to move it to a row of existing buttons governing other administrative custom “onclick” js functions. Can the add new child button function be added to a custom button rather than the one that is created through the configuration and can you share what that function would look like? Thank you!

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      Alexander Bautz

      The easiest is to hide the original button by adding this to your custom css:

      #newItemWrap_vLookupTasks {

      Then add a button to your button-row like this:

      <input type="button" onclick="jQuery('#newItemWrap_vLookupTasks > span').trigger('click')" value="Add new item">

      Replace vLookupTasks with the internal name of your field in both snippets above.


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      Bryan Waldrop

      Thank you very much!

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