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      Danielle Arcuri

      I am trying to create a list within sharepoint that would look like this.

      User selected type of request from dropdown
      Depending on that type of request selected different fields will be generated.

      Example – Type of request selected is Document Change
      then the fields will display
      Document Title
      Where will the change be?
      What are the changes?

      then if different type of request is selected like Reporting request
      then these fields will display
      What type of report requested?
      What data is required?
      Timeframe of data?

      Is this possible with cascading dropdowns? I looked at the cascading dropdown guide but can not figure out how to even start.

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      Alexander Bautz

      This is what you use rules in DFFS for. Add a tab with all the fields for all request types on it, then set up one rule for each of your options in type of request to show or hide the appropriate fields.


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